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15 Successful Tips That Will Amp Up Your Cell Phone Repair Business

Your knack for repairing things has finally led you to open your very own cell phone repair business. So you follow the pattern and get yourself a repair shop POS software.

And as you sit around your repair shop waiting for customers to come in, you notice something isn’t right.

If you see yourself in a pickle like this, we are here to help you. Opening and managing a cell phone repair business is no easy task. However, you need to be on top of your game to succeed.

So, here are 15 successful tips that will make you rethink your strategy and get your repair business off the ground in no time.

1. Finding The Right Location

Location is the most crucial aspect for any business to succeed. It decides how successful your repair business will be.

So, your repair shop location should be accessible for both office-going people and residential citizens. If you plan to offer pick-up and drop-off facilities, you will need to fulfill the condition mentioned earlier for your loyal clientele.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need an excellent location to get more customers. Instead, pick an ideal location that is economical and spacious to draw the maximum number of people.

2. Skilled Technicians

Getting experience and skilled technicians is very challenging for repair shop owners. There is a widespread job-hopping culture among young technicians. It leads to a significant burden on the repair shop owners/managers running the business.

So, it’s essential to have an extra set of hands-on boards to avoid such a crisis. First, have a balanced ratio of junior and senior technicians. Then, train your junior technicians by handing over more responsibilities and complicated repair tasks to them.

A skilled technician will help increase your entire repair shop’s productivity and help improve your revenue.

3.    Spare Parts

Availability of spare parts in your repair shop POS software inventory is essential for your repair business.

Why? Because you need to provide quick service. That is only possible if you have many spare parts on hand. If you don’t have spare parts, you won’t be able to fix devices on time.

Thus, if you want to earn more, collaborate with reliable suppliers in your locality and stock the optimum quantity of spare parts. But, on the other hand, don’t overstock items because it might cost you in the long run due to fluctuating prices.

Lastly, make sure your supplier is not overcharging you. Smart decisions result in intelligent outcomes. So, be on top of your game.

4. Quick Service

Who doesn’t love a quick service?

With cell phones becoming indispensable, customers want to get theirs fixed ASAP. But, unfortunately, they are usually not willing to wait for days to get their device fixed.

Since they have their essential data on the devices, it becomes difficult to work with a temporary replacement. Hence, if you want your repair business to grow and have a good reputation, you need to be resourceful by giving quick service to the customers.

5.    Automation

If you want to amp up your cell phone repair business, automation is critical.

Now you must be wondering how to automate your processes. You can easily do this by getting POS software. From creating tickets to managing inventory and invoices, everything can be done in a few clicks.

6. Estimation

Another key to the success of your repair business is quoting prices of repairs lower than your competitors.

It can be a challenge to keep prices low while giving high-quality service. And some even might question your repairs if you quote a low price. So cater to that by proving that you can provide high-quality repairs at reasonable prices. This is very important to gain more customers, and it helps retain customers as well.

Simultaneously, remember that you can’t offer quality services at throwaway prices. Decide prices that suit you and the customer for a win-win situation.

7.     Advanced Level Repairs

If you are providing advanced-level repairs that your competitors are not offering, you get a brownie point.

News of such repairs spreads like fire which will be beneficial for your repair business. Because people love it when their problems get solved immediately.

In many cases, clients are willing to pay a handsome sum of money just because they don’t want to throw away their prized possession. So take this as an opportunity to fix the device and earn well.

8. Offline Advertising

There are still many people who aren’t online. For them, you need to use old forms of communication.

Usually, this is the older population who are unable to solve minor issues on their own. So for that reason, offline advertising is essential. It will give you access to that particular demographic.

Use flyers, posters, brochures, etc., to reach this target audience. After a few days, evaluate your sources of advertising to see which is more effective.

No matter how efficient and sound your services are, you won’t get customers until you promote your repair business. Some repair shop software have a marketing feature that you can use for promotion purposes.

9.    Online Advertising

Most people now look online for services. Hence online presence is equally essential for your repair business.

For that, promote your business using Facebook, Google, Yelp, Craigslist, Yellow Pages, Manta, etc. It will help you reach more people. Additionally, you can submit your business details to post ads and local directories on classified websites to score more customers.

According to Bill Gates, there are only two types of business: one with an online presence and one with no business at all.

So decide which category you want to fall into.

10. Outstanding Facilities

Offer facilities to your customers which your competitors don’t offer. It provides your customer’s reasons to come to you instead of going to other repair shops.

One such example is the pick-up and drop-off facility. Charge them an appropriate fee to save them some time. Plus, think of new ideas to keep the customers coming to your repair shop.

Another example is sending valuable tips on ensuring that customers don’t miss out on getting their devices serviced. It will not only help the customers but will also give you repeat business.

11. Customer Satisfaction & Feedback

Taking feedback from customers will let you know what your customers think of your services. It is essential to understand what they feel needs improvement. After all, it’s the customer who needs to get value for money and be content.

The most effective form of marketing is word of mouth. Hence, it is crucial to keep your customers happy so that your client pool increases.

Moreover, if your clients see that you have improved based on their feedback, your reputation will grow.

12. Increase The Customer Base

If you want your sales to increase, make sure more customers come to your repair shop. The correct way of doing this is by making sure people know about your repair services.

To be able to do this, create an aggressive advertising strategy. It will even allow you to attract customers from distant places. Plus, don’t forget to create a referral strategy. Give incentives to your clients so that they happily refer your services to others.

13. Offer More Products And Services

We previously discussed increasing the number of clients. A straightforward way to do this is by offering more products and services.

For instance, you can offer device financing, micro soldering, computer repair, accessory sale, etc., through your cell phone repair shop software. It will help you get more traction in the repair industry. Thus, increasing your overall repair shop revenue.

Also, try to sell complementary services and goods. You can’t have profits beyond a specific limit from the same number of services and goods.

14. Partner With Businesses

It is not necessary to provide a service to your customers every time they come in. You can even collaborate with businesses in the same industry to increase your profits.

For instance, collaborate with a company and give free repair services to the employees of that company. You can get your repair charges from the company instead. In addition, the company will benefit from employee satisfaction by giving an additional perk to its employees.

One more example is to partner with one of your competitors. Let’s say they are offering hardware repairs only. You can provide software repairs for them on commission. In this way, you both will gain out of it.

15. Study Your Competitors

If you see that a repair shop is at your level and is doing even better than you, then you need to analyze them.

Figure out what is allowing them to earn more profits and get more customers. Identify their marketing tactics.

Then apply the same tactics to your business to increase your repair shop sales. You will have competitors no matter what. Take it as a chance to learn from them and grow.

Final Thoughts

Running a cell phone repair business has its fair share of sleepless nights. Earning more profits is not so easy. Plan your repair business in such a way that will allow you to succeed.

Look for innovative ways and try to use them to grow. Similarly, implement the strategies mentioned above. You will get good results with consistent efforts. Lastly, be open to change your direction when need be.

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