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8 Unusual Benefits to Hire the Best Talent in the Industry

There is no doubt over the stiff competition in the business world to hire the best talent available. The organization will grow if the employees have the skill set to beat the competitors. Thus, employers provide the best offer possible even if it includes some unusual benefits to the employees.

Small business may not have the budget to match the paycheque or monetary benefits of the industry leaders. Their struggle for hiring the right candidate increase because of the limited offer on the table. However, you can create some effective yet inexpensive benefits to make the applicant sign the employment agreement.

Financial Benefit of Unusual Employee Benefits

Many businesses don’t have enough profit shares to provide the best incentive in the market. Still, they have some great talent in the sales team contributing to the company’s growth. The reason – some unusual benefits offered to them with minimal cost for the employer.

They may not leave your business for a better salary because of these benefits. However, a small investment is often required to improve the employment prospect in the business. Though, you can take quick loans in Ireland to deal with the financial aspect of the business strategies including the new benefit to the employees.

  • Unlimited Snacks in the Kitchen

Some people cannot imagine their life without a food item in their day. The madness for snacks is one of the major reasons for the increasing unhealthy lifestyle in the professional environment. Though, it may come as a benefit to your organisation with good employees at a reasonable cost.

You can offer them an unlimited amount of their favorite snack in the kitchen. Some employees may prefer coffee or some other drink of a specific brand. If the demand is affordable, you should offer it instead of the high incentive.

  • The Scene Outside

Many businesses enjoy the benefit of view outside their office building. You should take full advantage of the nearby location as a benefit of working inside the office. Mention the view outside in the offer letter with the ideal activity for the location.

Take the example of beaches where walking without footwear is an amazing stress-relieving activity. You can offer unlimited walks on the beach during work hours as long as the employee meets the expectations. It will attract more applications because people get bored working in the cubicles to view a concrete jungle.

  • Pet-Friendly Space

Pet owners don’t feel good about leaving their best friends alone for hours. You can provide a space for those pets to help the employees save money on pet sitters. They can play with them during the breaks to recover their mental energy.

It is not easy to create an office space with a pet-friendly layout. You will require help from the experts to design the space keeping the small animals in mind. For the cost, you should try the no credit check loans without a guarantor from direct lenders.

  • Dedicated Food Days

The audience of the popular sitcom “The Office” understands the importance of pretzel day for Stanley Hudson. Like the other characters, you will find some applicants similar to Stanley with love for a specific dish. Thus, you can celebrate some special dish day every week or month based on your budget.

You need these special days to bring the whole office together. They will enjoy some time off from the stressful tasks and a packed schedule for the whole week. Thus, a small investment in lunch will bring more returns with a positive workplace environment and happy employees.

  • Unlimited Breaks 

The heading of the paragraph is not misleading in any sense. You can offer unlimited breaks to the employees if they are working from a remote location. There is no need for micromanagement as long as they are meeting the deadline for the tasks.

The millennials are known to prefer flexibility over a better paycheque. With unlimited breaks, you are asking them to create a schedule based on their comfort. The quality will also increase because of increased break time for the creative work.

  • Massages and Recreational Activities

Mental stress can negatively impact the performance of employees. Your organisation will suffer if the employees are pushed to the limit of exhaustion. Therefore, the employees are taking measures to help the employees manage stress with some related benefits.

While some of the office buildings now have gym and yoga classes for the employees. Some others are offering monthly massages to help them relax their mind and body. You can limit the benefit to management or front-desk employees if the package for a complete workforce is unaffordable.

  • Equity v/s Cash

Some employees work for the paycheque to use it for numerous expenses while investing their money for financial freedom. Your employees will have a different plan for their salary. Thus, you can ask them about the amount of equity and cash in the job offer.

You can increase the equity at the cost of cash to help the employees safeguard their future. It will help them save money and reduce their dependency on the salary. Or, they might need money to manage different expenses and invest someplace else.

  • Freedom of Location

Again, flexibility is an important factor that people consider while deciding their employer. You can offer the employees to work from a remote location and decide the working hours. It will help the employees to balance work and life while managing stress.

However, it is not possible to offer a remote location to every employee in the organisation. If possible, you can allow them to work at least once or twice a week from home. A remote workplace setup also saves money for an organisation with reduced operational cost, resources, and infrastructure cost.


To sum up, you will find many intuitive ideas to offer a benefit that will cover the pay gap. The abovementioned methods may not work for every industry because of the various constraints. Therefore, it is your responsibility to develop an offer. It will cause the applicants to sign up while remaining inexpensive.

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