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The Internet search engine Google handles more than 70 percent of worldwide online searches, making it one of the most powerful technology companies in the world. It has a variety of products and services, from e-mail and document creation to software for mobile phones and cloud storage solutions. It also has its own hardware and aims to integrate these devices into people’s daily lives. Its broad range of offerings and size make it a major competitor in the high-tech marketplace, alongside Apple, Microsoft, and IBM.

Google’s success started with its specialized search engine. Its PageRank system ranked websites by their importance based on the number and quality of other sites that linked to them. This was a huge improvement over existing search engines, which were largely based on how frequently keywords appeared on a site’s pages. In a matter of years, the company went from an idea that was first conceived in 1995 by co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to the largest search engine on the web.

Another important factor in Google’s growth is its ability to process millions of queries in less than a second. This is thanks to the company’s technical infrastructure, which allows Google to index more websites than its competitors and pick up new sites much faster than other search engines. This is why it is often able to deliver better results for specific searches, even when other engines fail to find what they are looking for.

Other features of Google’s search engine include its use of location information for all hits and a method called “hierarchical weighting,” which considers the frequency of a keyword in a document as well as the document’s overall content. In addition, it keeps full raw HTML files of websites in a repository for quick retrieval and comparison. The company has developed its algorithm over time, adjusting it to provide more accurate and useful results.

Although the company’s products and services are varied, it still focuses on its initial goal of making the world’s information more accessible. It has a culture that values innovation, getting real user feedback, and worrying about monetization later. This has allowed it to take risks and test out many ideas that would have failed at a lesser company.

Today, Google is a multibillion-dollar enterprise that has grown to include more than 50 Internet-based services and products. Its flagship products are the Android mobile operating system and Chrome laptop computers, but it also has a variety of other software, mapping applications, and hardware. In 2015, the company restructured and became a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., making it the jewel of its parent company. Its revenue comes almost entirely from its search engine business, but it has developed a wide range of other products and services in the meantime. It also has an impressive array of patents that cover a variety of technologies. This makes it a very valuable company, and is one of the most valuable publicly-held corporations in the world. by: sedappoker pkv


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